President of Maison Gattinoni Couture, Chairman of Comitato Tecnico Sistema Moda di Unindustria,  President of the fashion section of Industrial Union of Rome and Lazio , Member of Scientific Committee of Project “Archivi della Moda del ‘900” sponsored by ANAI (Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana) Soprintendenza per i Beni e le Attività Culturali. Professor of fashion communication at Istituto Modartech of Pontedera, Sapienza University of Rome “ Scienze della Moda e del Costume”, Accademia Italiana of Rome and Florence,  Accademia Maria Maiani of Rome, Accademia del Lusso of Rome and Milan, Istituto IED of Rome and Link Campus University of Rome.
Chairman of Maison Gattinoni, in the mid seventies his debut in the fashion world in Milan, after having attended the famous Marangoni Institute, he become part of the stylistic team for Mila Schon.
At the end of the seventies, he moves to Rome were he becomes the coordinator of the prêt a porter licenses for Valentino and managing the firm’s relations with GFT Group, today HDP group.
In the mid eighties we founds with Raniero Gattinoni, the Raniero Gattinoni prêt a porter and then starts a developing the restyling of the Gattinoni Maison, developing a new distribution and sales strategy that moves the company on to the international scene. In 1983, he becomes member of the Board of the Camera Nazionale della Moda, a position that is still held today. He then becomes President of the textile and fashion compartment of the Industrial Union of Rome, from 1984 till 1994. At the same time he become President of the Consorzio Moda Roma, 1986 to 1990, a consortium of the top high fashion companies that was developed with a solid participation of the Industrial Union of Rome, the Rome city council and the Rome Chamber of Commerce. Didactic director and coordinator of the Scientific committee of the European Institute of Design of Rome, and responsible for the “image and strategies” project for the same institute for the schools of Milan, Madrid and Barcelona. President of Alta Roma since 2002, an institutional Agency for Fashion, created in Rome in 1998 to promote the image of Rome on the international fashion circuit. To confirm and improve its founding principles, the company was partially privatized and has been joined by the institutional partners such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Rome and the Regione Lazio. In February 2016 became President of the fashion section of Industrial Union of Rome and Lazio.